Picture Perfect Promise

Often times, client's busy lives inhibit them from focusing on preparing their vacation homes for sale.  No sweat, I'll take care of it!  As part of my well-rounded, customer service based selling strategy, I will personally stage your home for sale.  First, I make an effort to stage your home using your existing furnishings.  This often works well by simply removing or repositioning exiting furniture.  If this approach isn't quite perfect, I'll bring in pieces to help your home show better.  Statistics show that staged homes sell faster and for more money.  I will help you achieve both.  "We called Talya on a Wednesday in July ready to sell our Tahoe Donner home.  We  hadn't been to our home since Christmas and weren't going to be able to make it up for three weeks. Our lack of availability had us concerned with missing the prime Tahoe selling season.  We worried for no reason.  Talya brought in her crew and had the home staged, cleaned, and listed for sale by 3pm that Friday.  Talya even had our decks stained the day after we called her, amazing.  Our home sold in 5 days."  The Raine Family




My Guarantee

At anytime, for any reason, if you want to take your home off of the market, you can.  Change of heart, change of life events, it does not matter, as long as your home is not in escrow, I will shred our listing agreement.  I give every seller a signed contract stating that they are free to cancel our listing agreement and remove their home for the market at anytime  "It's simple and ethical."  Talya Dodson-Martin

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As a meticulous Realtor, I commit to keeping my client's homes PICTURE PERFECT while listed.  This means, focusing on the finish line while paying attention to each play along the way. Once on the market, I'll keep your decks swept, snow shoveled, walkways and driveway cleared of snow, and the blinds open with lights on for showings.  If your home requires a service my team can't provide, I'll find the right professional to address it quickly.  I do these things for my clients because I care, and I should!  "Once in escrow, we came up from Livermore to move our things, in our 11 years of owning our Tahoe Donner home, our up-sloping driveway had never been so snow and ice free; Talya kept it that way."  The Schwartz Family


Truckee/Tahoe Realtor

In today's market, sellers have large amounts information at their fingertips.  This availability has shifted the expectation of what it means to be a listing agent.  I will be your V.P of marketing, real estate guidance counselor, negotiation specialist, paperwork professor, communication expert, gardener, cleaner, handyman, mover, whatever it takes to get the job done.  Providing the best customer service in the business, I do all of this for my client's because I SHOULD!  "Talya recently sold our Lahontan home in significantly less time than our competition.  My wife and I attribute that success to Talya's attention to detail.  We were only able come up for two days throughout the entire process. Not only did she stage our home, she made sure our home was picture perect for every showing by turning on all lights, sweeping the patios & decks, opening the hot tub, the works.  Talya is a true partner." The Latimer Family